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press release 01-Jun-2002

Banner Advertisement

The DURP is one of the most successful artrock/progrock/progmetal websites of the last years. To see web statistic facts click the button below:

By advertising on the DURP which is visited more than 15000 times per month you get sure that your advert is seen be true music enthusiasts.

How it works

Each page containing the "your banneradvertisment here ?"-button can be used for banner advertisement. You can choose how often you banner advert shall be clicked until it expires. When your advertisement expires you'll get an automatic email reminder asking you to tell me if you'd like to let it expire of if you'd like to advertise longer.

Banner restrictions

  • maximum file size: 16 kilobytes
  • maximum image width: 280 pixels
  • maximum image height: 80 pixels
  • image format: jpg, gif or animated gif (gifs should be nontransparent)

How much does it cost ?

The costs depend on how often your ad shall be clicked until it expires. Here's the detailed list of prices:

number of clicks on your advert price (USD/EUR)
50 23.80 USD or 20.00 EUR
150 59.50 USD or 50.00 EUR
300 119.00 USD or 100.00 EUR

Yes, we'd like to make a banner advertisement on DURP.

Please enter your data and click the SUBMIT button. We will reply to your request in order to get the details and the payment done.
Your name:*
Your email:*
Title of your band, label, website etc or private:*
HTTP-address of the image that shall be used for the banner advertisement:*
(.gif or .jpg !)
HTTP-address where the image shall link to (your website): *
How long shall your advert be shown: clicks
Comment (i.e. on which page would you like your banner to be shown ?):
* : necessary data


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