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press release 01-Jun-2002

DURP information for bands,labels,

The postal address of the DURP can be found in the imprint.

Your demotape / demo-cd reviewed on the DURP ?

In case you are an upcoming band (in a genre covered on this website) don't hesitate to send in your current demotape or cd. The address to send your material to is given here. In case of any questions contact the DURP !.

Want a promotion copy of the current "Progressive DisDURPance" CD ?

In case you are are writing for a prog magazine/webzine / are a host of a radioshow / are an employee of a label or cd distributor/mailorder then don't hesitate to ask us for a promotion copy of the current "Progressive DisDURPance" CD.

A track of your album on a "Progressive DisDURPance"-CD ?

The DURP compilation-CD is released regularly and is meant to support unknown and/or unsigned bands (genre: progressive rock, artrock, progressive metal). Each edition of the sampler is sent to more than 200 labels, magazines, e-zines and distributors dealing with this genre. Do you want to be featured on the next edition of the DURP-sampler series "Progressive DisDURPance" ? Contact the DURP !. More info on the compilation series can be obtained from the DURP Sampler-CD page.

Supporting the DURP with promotion copies/material ?

The DURP would be very glad if you would take the chance to provide the DURP with albums, compilations, promotion copies and band-info which you assume to be suitable for the DURP assuring you to introduce your material to an interested audience. Interested ? Contact the DURP !.

Sponsoring the competition with prizes ?

The DURP competition needs prizes to give away to our visitors. You can provide the DURP with prizes, too, for example a shirt or cd of your band. If the competition is attractive, the hit rate of the DURP will increase further and this attracts more people to your review. Interested ? Contact the DURP !.

Banner advertisement on the DURP ?

The DURP wants to give bands and labels (and others) the chance to place their banner-ads on the pages "Competition" and "WWW links". Of course the image functions as a link to your website. Interested ? More information.

Useful links for bands and labels etc ...

Use the DURP WWW-Links to meet other bands, to swap experiences or to establish gig exchanges. There are also lots of links to useful magazines, e-zines and band indices. Use this collection for your advantage !


ATTENTION !! The DURP webzine has discontinued !!! No more updates will be added to the site. We can't guarantee that we will work on every message/request !

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