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press release 01-Jun-2002

Band of the month 05 / 2001

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Innovative Heavy Rock
Founded in 1996, the band created an impressive repertoire within only a few months, presenting it live on stage at numerous gigs. In 1997 the first demo CD was released.
Motivated by the positive feedback on live shows and CD, the kept writing new songs. The character of the new material clearly shows the direction the group is heading to: developing a unique style, adding some more sharp edges to the sound, no compromises. 12 new songs have been recorded for the new album "See Through My Eyes" (release: October 2000).
Heavy guitars merge with spacy keyboard sounds - hard rock goes well with some funky bass - and the drums, subtle yet powerful, make the music not only reach your head but go straight to your feet. Combined with a soulful and powerful voice, what you get is music that moves people.
The five musicians already proved their creative skills in bands like AVALON, ZEROX, ACE, X-ING, MANGO FURY and SIEGES EVEN. With SERUM, they did not re-invent rock music but created an unusual, modern sound. In spite of (or because of ?) their different musical backgrounds they found their very own sound as a band and developed it to perfection.

Do not miss SERUM on tour with the legendary U.S. band "Axe" in June 2001.


Serum are (from left to right):
Thomas Streck - keyboards
Martin Kursawe - guitar
Wolfgang Gräbner - voice
Klaus Engl - drums
Markus Grützner - bass

Contact information:
Current album:

"See through my eyes"

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