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press release 01-Jun-2002

Band of the month 07 / 2001

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progressive, rock, trance
Nangyala music is a combination of the timeless impact of rock and the intrigue and atmosphere of trance. The band traces its roots to progressive and psychedelic rock, but has gradually blended and experimented with more groovy sounds.Nangyala originated from the successful "Pink Project", who were noted for their live performances of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" and "Dark Side of the Moon" (with guest musician Jan Akkerman). Audiences of 10,000 people were also treated to a spectacular light show and projections.
Since being founded in 1995, Nangyala has steadily performed around the Netherlands and Belgium. In 1999, Nangyala was the first band to perform in the "Omniversum" in The Hague, providing live accompanying music to the IMAX-film "Destiny in Space." In 2000, the video for "Paragon" reached the number one spot in the Westpop Top 10, a regional program aired by TV-West. Paragon is also featured on "Progressive disDURPance vol.3", a German compilation album.
Nangyala has shared the stage with bands such as: "Racoon", "Suburbs", "Carthago", "Cliffhanger", "Triangle", "For Absent Friends" and "Timothy Pure" (USA). Nangyala's repertory consists entirely of original material, and easily fills a 90-minute set. The concerts will be supported by a lightshow and projections (if possible in the venue).


Nangyala are (from left to right):
Daniel Woltgens - Vocals
Pieter Hanja - Guitar
Tom Spaapen - Keyboard
Danyo Romijn - Keyboard
Dominic Bellekom - Bass
Geronio Welling - Drums

Contact information:
Current album:

"Eyes open wide"

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