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press release 01-Jun-2002

Band of the month 01 / 2002

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Prime Mover
progressive, melodic, rock
The Finnish band Prime Mover was formed in the late 1990's by Roger Nyman and Michael Karlsson, who have been recording music together ever since they were little kids. The duo had over the years grown to become quite accomplished composers and musicians, and - inspired mainly by bands like Rush, Fates Warning and Dream Theater wanted to make a serious attempt at recording demanding music. An old friend of Michaels, Dennis Nordell, was recruited as lead vocalist, and the first demo cd-r, a 40-minute concept album called *Mr Zingelmann*, was recorded (with the aid of a drum machine) and released in 1999.

The band received some very positive feedback for the demo, the Finnish progressive magazine Colossus even concluded their review with the dramatic words Finnish prog is saved!?

The ambitions of course ever growing, the band felt that a full-time keyboard player and a flesh-and-blood drummer was needed for the first album. The keyboard situation was solved easily enough, when the musically very flexible Sebastian Teir, who had guested on one track on Mr Zingelmann, joined, but a competent drummer proved to be hard to find. It was not until the spring of 2001 when the right person was finally found in the young and energetic Kenneth Lagerström, who blew everyone away with his fusionjazz-chops.

Prime Movers debut album *Put In Perspective* was released in October 2001, and it reveals the very wide range of influences between the bandmembers in an original blend. Classic progrock, heavy metal, jazz, mainstream rock & pop, experimental things even some hints of techno! Rush, Fates Warning (from the 90s onwards) or Wigwam (the underrated Finnish prog pioneers) may still be used as reference points, but on *Put In Perspective* Prime Mover has found a sound of their own, and it is a sound they will continue to develop further in the future.


Prime Mover are (from left to right):
Michael Karlsson - guitar
Roger Nyman - bass
Sebastian Teir - keyboards
Dennis Nordell - lead vocals
Kenneth Lagerström (not pictured) - drums

Contact information:
Current album:

"Put in perspective"

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