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press release 01-Jun-2002

DURP Premium is now for free !!!

ATTENTION !!! Because the DURP webzine discontinued it's service, you have free access to the premium zone !

What is DURP-Premium ?

DURP-Premium gives you:
  • 10% discount or a free surprise CD (in a genre of your choice) on all your orders in our regular CD shop

  • all latest reviews and interviews, 20 days before they are available for the public

  • all reviews/interviews, even those older than 2.0 years. So you get access to the entire archive

  • an additional Discount CD-Shop offering CDs at low-price. This shop is only available for Premium-members.

  • a section "Band of the month". Each month we introduce you to a new band, who impressed us with a great CD. The band is featured with an review, biography, band line-up, an audio-sample, contact information and if possible a special CD offer, exclusively available for Premium-members.

  • a section "CD of the month" with the best album of the month, including a review and an detailed audiosample.

  • access to special offers (like CD-bundles, limited CDs etc)

  • a monthly contest where you can win a product related to the CD of the month

  • audiosamples in reviews (only available if the reviewed band has supplied an audiosample)

  • all features for only 1.53 EUR or 1.82 USD per month ! (annual payment)

Why DURP-Premium ?

Running a webzine causes costs, especially when the webzine demands a lot from webserversoft- and -hardware. These and other costs (like sampler-production, sampler-promotion, fees for datatransfer and so on) have to be payed. Being a Premium-member offers you some very interesting benefits (see the list above) ... for just a small fee. We think, that DURP's core content has to remain free ... this is what we tried to consider as we worked out the Premium-concept. We hope, that the Premium-concept is the best of both worlds ... for you and for us.

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