Prog Teutonicum

General Information

Web-Ring ? What the hell is that ?

WebRing is a service provided by WebRing.Org. The founder (ringmaster) of a webring is collecting homepages/websites dealing with the same topic (i.e. a certain sport, music genre or celebrity) and links them together in a ring. From each website within this ring you can step forward to the next website within this ring (and backwards, too). The homepage (the origin) of this particular webring offers a listing of all ring member sites (including links). This index can be found on the WebRing.Org-Homepage, too (there you get the index listing of all webrings). You can join a webring with your homepage/website for free.

Are there other webrings for music ?

Therefore look into the Ringworld-Directory of WebRing.Org and enter the sections Entertainment/Music and Arts_Humanities/Music.

I am maintaining / I have a website or homepage about Progressive rock/metal. How can I join the webring PROG TEUTONICUM ?

Information, guidelines, detailed instructions and the registration form can be found in the section "I want to join the ring".

What's the intention of the "Prog Teutonicum" webring

The intention of this webring is to support the german progressive rock/metal scene. This includes the musicians, the listeners and the homepages that are dedicating their activities to this great genre of music. "Prog Teutonicum" was founded by DURP - Tales from the progressive ocean, an established german/english prog webzine.

Lord of the ring: Markus Weis
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