Prog Teutonicum

You want to join the webring PROG TEUTONICUM ?

At first you should have read the general information about this webring (click on "general info" in the menu on the left).

In order to avoid any kind of delays or difficulties PLEASE READ OR/AND PRINT OUT this document carefully and follow the instructions step by step.

Step 1: Does your homepage meet the requirements of Prog Teutonicum ?

In order to join the webring Prog Teutonicum your website/homepage has to fulfill these requirements:

  1. Progressive Rock/Metal: Your pages have to be about progressive rock/metal

  2. language/content: Your website has to be in german language (i.e. an online fanzine, prog cd store, news page, band or label homepage) OR in any other language (in this case your page really has to do with bands, labels or other information from the german progrock/metal scene).

    I want to point out that there are other prog-webrings, too: Therefore look into the ringworld of WebRing.Org and enter the sections Entertainment/Music and Arts_Humanities/Music and search for "Progressive" there.

  3. Information: Your pages must contain useful information on the genre and/or an artist/band. These information has to maintained regularly. Your pages should not look too crappy and should be more than just a collection of links.

  4. Availability: Your website/homepage has to be accessable for free. (no pay sites accepted)

  5. Copyright: Your website must not contain documents/material that is against common law. (i.e. non permitted audiofiles, etc).

It does not matter wether your hompage is already a member of another webring.

Step 2: Submit a suggestion for your website !

Therefore fill in the form below (after submitting this form your homepage is aded to the so alled QUEUE of wannabe-member-pages).

If your homepage is stored into the queue successfully, you will see a page (and receive a mail) that you have to STORE carefully (perhaps print it out and file it somewhere you can find it again). This mail/page tells you your:

Store your Site-ID and your Password carefully. You will need them in the future !

After you have filled in and submitted the form below, please return to step 3 in this document.

Your name :
Title of your website/homepage:
URL of your website/homepage:
Your E-mail address:

Your password:
You will need this password for editing your ring entry
Keywords: Please fill in up to 20 keywords (comma separated) that
describe your homepage/website
Description: Enter a short description of your homepage/website:

Schritt 3: Add the Prog Teutonicum Logo and the necessary HTM-Code to your homepage
(this is necessary for leafing through the ring)

Now your homepage/website is in the Queue. This does not mean that your site is already in the ring. The ringmaster will have a look at your page, check the requirements and now you have to act.

You have to add your specific webring HTML-code (contains the logo, too) on to the starting page (or a frame of the starting page) of your homepage/website. It must be the your main starting page !!

You can simply COPY & PASTE the code from this document, you just have change one thing afterwards. You have to choices: a small ringlogo and a big one.

Logo with its HTML code

Now in red font the HTML-Code for the big logo:

after pasting the code into your document you have to
replace all X of id=X with your SITE-ID

<!--- Begin of Prog Teutonicum Webring HTML code small logo ------->
<table border="1" bgcolor="FFFFFF">
<map name="progteumap1">
<area shape"rect" coords="3,0,50,25" href=";id=X;prev" target="_top">
<area shape"rect" coords="59,0,299,25" href="" target="_top">
<area shape"rect" coords="304,0,353,25" href="" target="_top">
<area shape"rect" coords="357,0,413,25" href=";id=X;random" target="_top">
<area shape"rect" coords="420,0,456,25" href=";id=X;next5" target="_top">
<area shape"rect" coords="460,0,500,25" href=";id=X;next" target="_top">
<img src="" width="500" height="25" usemap="#progteumap1" border="0">
<!--- end of Prog Teutonicum Webring HTML Code small logo ------->

In order to be added to PROG TEUTONICUM you have to embedd the correct HTML-Code !

Step 4: Write a mail to the ringmaster of PROG TEUTONICUM

After you have embedded the HTML-Logo correctly (so that your site-ID is included and the logo is shown), you have to notify the ringmaster again so that he can have to look at your website (and add it to the ring if everything is ok). Your mail should contain:

Send this email to:

Step 5: What to do now ?

Thanx for your attention ! Please be patient ! The ringmaster of PROG TEUTONICUM will send you a mail that will either tell you a) that your homepage has been added to the ring b) that your homepage was refused (he will tell the reasons) c) that there were some problems (in case something went wrong)

Step 6: How can I change the settings of my ring entry (i.e. the URL, description, keywords etc) ?

Therefore click "I want to edit my site entry" in the menu on the left. Then enter your site-id and your passwort and after the login you are able to change the follwing settings:

In addition you can More information on webrings and their management can be obtained at WebRing.Org.

Lord of the ring: Markus Weis
Webring system courtesy of