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posted by/geschrieben von DJZH on/am April 19, 19102 at/um 04:25:48:

Before I talk about Saturday, I just want to mention
that we have a great
group of djs on tomorrow, as well as tonight. So check
the DJ Schedule on
our site to see who's playing that killer music!!!

All times EST!

Green Eggs and Jams! 9:00 am - 11:00 am
That is with DJ JustBill. His quote: "I turned it
(radio) on, and the first thing that came out of it
was "American Woman" by the Guess Who (no, Lenny
Kravitz didn't write that song). Life would never be
the same around our house... Several transistor
radios, boom boxes, bass guitars, stereos, computers,
and changes in musical preferences later, there is
still little that moves me like good rock music."

Sol Searching 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
That's DJ Sol who still needs a quote :).

Absolute Zero w/ZeroHour 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
That's me, DJZH. Since DJ Xaivier is getting a new
internet service, Sol may
start a bit early, so times may change. But, let's
just say that the music will be everflowing. Some of
the things I will be broacasting on the air:

In parts, the Interview with Jasun Tipton and Troy
Tipton of Zero Hour done by DJ Michael
and DJ Tobias of The Edge of Forever Network.
Live Pain of Salvation
New Rush
New Mind's Eye
Into Eternity
New Sentenced
Threshold (remastered)
Persephone's Dream
Plus much more...
My quote: "Dont be afraid to venture into Absolute

DJ Axe 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
His quote: "I’ll try to share all this new (to me)
music with you, and hopefully blow your heads off in
the process – with the music, that is."

DJ Packgrog's Progressive Powerhouse 10:00 pm - 12:00
His quote: "I've also been known to throw in some
oddities to keep
things interesting."

Please come into the IRC, some instructions:
"Internet radio is all about interaction. The fact
that you can berate your
DJ in real time for not playing your request is what
makes this such a very
special medium. To join in the live chat during the
broadcasts, use an IRC
application (the downloads button will help you out if
you don't have one).
You'll need to set the following information in your
program (refer to the
instructions for your irc application for more
information on how to do

Description (name): SeismicRadio

IRC Server: is what you should
usually use for your
server. If that doesn't work enter: /server

Port: 6667

Then, when you connect to irc server, join channel
#Seismic by choosing it
from the channel menu or typing /join #seismic, and
there you are!

From this chat center you can find out what song is
playing, make requests,
or just have fun chatting with the DJ and the other
listeners, all in real

To listen:
"We broadcast in RealAudio© format, so you need the
free RealPlayer (click
on the downloads button if you don't have this). To
listen, simply click on
the listen button, which will activate your RealAudio©
player and begin
transmission. Or, from within RealPlayer, go
into 'FILE', then 'OPEN', then
'LOCATION', and insert this link:

This will be remembered by your player, so you can
just click "open
location" each time and choose the SeismicRadio link
from the drop-down

To listen in winamp, download the tara plugin here
(but still have
Realplayer downloaded):


NP: [DJ_Ralf] Dio "Fever Dreams"

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