Let me introduce our prog rock & metal projects

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posted by/geschrieben von Demonoiser on/am Dezember 07, 19101 at/um 13:03:19:

Hi All!!!

In the March of 2001 three Russian musicians Stas
Berdnikov (vocal teacher, composer, bassist), Mike
Novikov (guitarist, bassist, composer), Yury Zlokazov
(guitarist, composer) united their creative force
under the light of Solaris Music -

We made our own projects before, but no one have been
satisfied for different reasons. Being big fans of
Queen, Pink Floyd, ELP, Dream Theater, Symphony X,
Ayreon and many other greatest bands, we want to
achieve their highest level of mastery.

Working together as a band we play different styles of
progressive rock and metal music.

Lux Eterna (author - Stas Berdnikov) is a massive wall
of orchestral and choir sound with a loudness of rock
Style - symphonic prog power metal & rock.

EliXiR (author - Yury Zlokazov) is stories in music.
Style - prog rock, symphonic rock, neoclassic power

Semantica is a guitar expression of Mike's
madness... :)
Style - prog guitar & synth.

Svetlojar (author - Stas Berdnikov) is original blend
of russian thousand years old ancient culture with
modern rock sound. All lyrics and conception based on
pagan origins. Style - pagan power metal.

Each of us write music and we decided to present our
best songs on our web site - http://www.solarismusic.ru

We would highly appreciate your opinion about
advantages and disadvantages of our work.

We are looking for other musicians and labels for

thanx for attention,
Demonoiser (aka Yury Zlokazov)

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