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BURBANK, CA (23 October 2000) - The Hilton Burbank
Airport & Convention
Center (aka The Burbank Hilton hotel) will be the home
to UltraSound 2001.
Held the weekend of March 10 - 11 with the pre-party on
March 9, the second
annual UltraSound Conference and Showcase makes it's
move to Burbank from
it's inaugural location of Las Vegas. "Las Vegas was a
great idea - on
paper," says event organizer Dave Tedder. "People
love to go to Las Vegas
but the main attraction is the hotels and that took
away from the showcasing
bands a little bit. Not only that but the home of hard
rock and heavy metal
will always be Los Angeles so it only makes to sense to
'bring it on home

UltraSound 2001 will feature two days of live bands and
panels on topics
ranging from Music & The Internet to Publicity / Press,
A&R and several other
mediums. "One focus of the event is to educate people
on the industry and
how things have changed over the years so we'll be
featuring open forums
hosted by insiders from different levels of the music
industry," explains
Tedder. Various marketing opportunities and
sponsorships will once again be
available to bands, record labels and the like.

Bands may submit packages to UltraSound 2001 by going
filling out the form and
mailing it, along with a complete package to:
Ego Trip Entertainment
717 S. Mill Ave
Tempe, AZ 85281 USA
ATTN: UltraSound 2001

Deadline for submissions is January 12, 2001

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