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posted by/geschrieben von Grzegorz Lisak on/am November 20, 19100 at/um 19:39:50:

In reply to/Im Bezug auf: Headbanger's Ball geschrieben von Erik Kraeft on/am Oktober 01, 19100 at/um 06:52:25:

: On Monday Dec. 4th the Progressive Metal Militia is
: planning on making a unified effort to bring back the
: Headbanger's Ball to MTV.
: How many times have you heard people say, "Remember
: the 80's when MTV used to play metal?" How many times
: have you heard people lament the loss of their only
: outlet to see hard, heavy and aggressive videos? How
: many
: times have you actually seen anyone DO anything about
: it?
: Well, we remember the 80's and we remember a time when
: MTV didn't only play rap, hip-hop, R+B, dance or top
: 40 music. The thing is, the people who felt that their
: music was under-represented on this channel didn't
: just sit back and complain about it, they took action
: and they didn't stop until they were satisfied with
: the results. For a time there were programs like Yo!
: MTV Raps, 120 minutes AND the Headbangers ball all on
: roughly within the same time period. There was a wide
: diversity of musical styles offered on the channel and
: that's the way it should be. Somewhere along the way
: we lost
: the Headbanger's Ball and things have not been the
: same since. You can blame Grunge, the rise of Hip-Hop
: or any other lame excuse but the bottom line is that
: we let the rug get pulled out from beneath us and have
: done nothing since to make our voice heard. The
: phenomenal success of the recent Iron Maiden tour and
: many more like it are proof that there is still a
: strong market for this music. Now is the time to show
: MTV and the corporate world that we will not be
: denied. MTV is a cultural force that helps to shape
: the trends and direction of popular music. How many
: times are you going to
: complain that your favorite metal band didn't tour
: your town, your state, even your COUNTRY because of
: lack of tour support. Video airplay equals CD sales
: and without them your favorite bands will be doomed to
: obscurity
: and irrelevance while the flavor of the month makes
: their millions for their record companies before being
: quickly discarded for the next "boy band" waiting in
: the wings.
: On December 4th we will call and email Viacom, MTV and
: TRL and demand
: the return of this show to the air. You can make a
: difference, it's been done before when rap and R+B
: broke onto the station and we can do it for ourselves
: now. It's up to you. You can take action and bring
: metal back into
: the spotlight or you can complain all the way on a 5
: hour drive to your next KISS, savatage, W.A.S.P.,
: VENOM, NIN, SLAYER, King Diamond, or In Flames show,
: wondering why they can't play in "your area".
: 0n DECEMBER 4TH!! These are DIRECT phone lines right
: to the people that can make this happen. You will talk
: to their assistants but if enough people do this it
: will be all that they talk about for the rest of the
: day/ week/ month. "Good Lord, the phones were crazy
: today. What the hell was that all about!" Please
: forward this to as many people as possible, cut and
: paste into every message board you visit and go to the
: web-sites of bands you'd like to see on MTV that
: aren't on now. Let their fans know that this is an
: opportunity to change popular music as we know it. WE
: should be in controlof what we listen to and not be
: force fed the same crap that sounds just like last
: weeks big rawk hit!!
: MTV/ Viacom
: 212-258-8000

: MTV Program director *****
: Paul Debenedtti
: 1-212-846-4790

: 1515 Broadway
: 25th Fl.
: New York, NY10036

: On-line vote for the return of Headbanger's Ball on
: TRL-

: Snail mail

: Total Request Live
: c/o MTV
: P.O. Box 2001
: New York, NY 10108

: TRL-
: 1-800-DIALMTV

: MTV-suggestions
: 1-212-258-8700

: METAL RULES!!!!!!!

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