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posted by/geschrieben von John Foscaldi on/am Januar 08, 19101 at/um 01:56:44:

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My name is Johnny Foscaldi and I live in the Boston,Ma area. I have over 100 writtings, many of which I made into songs. I have sung on stage,won prizes and almost toured Massachusetts. I can write and sing a couple songs a day, I do this with the music I make up, in my head. I end up with a song only needing sound behind it. Everyone who hears my voice-loves it (especially teenage kids). I have a tape with 2 songs on it, one from BadLands and one from Alice-N-Chains.Please let me know if you are interested in listening to it.


P.S Also just interested in helping with songs

: new hard rock/metal band to the likes of fear factory,
: : korn, slipknot looking for lyricists to help with
: : original songs. we have record lable interest and are
: : in desperate need of good, agressive HEAVY lyrics.
: : please email me at

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