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posted by/geschrieben von Troubleshooter on/am Juni 12, 19101 at/um 02:12:22:

What is that? "Anvil failed"..."Only for fans"?? At
the opposite of Saxon, Manowar, Judas Priest and
others, Anvil is rolling since 1980 without any break.
Sure, they don't make music like the others do, but
that's why they're interesting. Siren of the sea is a
prog metal song, the guitar sounds like Steve Hackett
riff at some place. Anvil is the only band that links
metal and rock'N'roll together, that's why they are
rejected by young and stupid guy like you. Metal is
dark, gothic, deathfull and bloody now...How it can be
boring! Anvil is a band to listen when you enjoy life
and want to party, not when you want to die... It's
not because a band is different from the "wave" that
it's not good. Reiner and Lips are incredible
musicians. And, only musicians could know what I'm
talking about. Helloween copied their lyrics like many
other bands. Maiden copied the opening of "Tease me,
please me" to do their song "2 minutes to midnight".
Many bands took their way to move on stage from them.
Open your eyes and you ears, and more: your mind.


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