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: Well, I'm glad you have shown even a little interest in
: this so far. I am from Mark 1, a new progressive band
: from the Boston area. I'm Robert the guitarist for the
: trio. Some tracks off our new album are free to
: download off of our site in Mp3 form. It's free music
: from a hard working prog act and ya can't beat that so
: do enjoy at www.mark-1.com

: Here is a description of the band that will appear in
: the next issue of Progression Magazine.

: Mark 1

: These men thrive on obscure sounds, intricate
: rhythms, and the occasional oblique intellectual
: reference. The musicians (from left to right) Chris
: Molinski, Kyle Jones, and Robert DiFazio are members of
: the new progressive rock band Mark 1. The band has
: recently completed their first album, Absolute Zero,
: which will be officially released later this month.
: Based in Gloucester MA, the band harks back to the
: sound of the early 70s. Through a mixture of different
: genres, their music is both familiar and distinctly
: original. Listeners have come to rely on the enduringly
: twisted storylines and the imposing difficulty of their
: instrumental offerings. In a genre that the group
: tentatively labels "ultramodern rock," the new album
: combines a futuristic sound with an eccentric plot and
: an eclectic cast of characters. Combine this with the
: technical mastering of engineer Roger Nichols (famous
: for his work with Steely Dan and artists such as Crosby
: Stills & Nash and Frank Zappa) and the album becomes a
: total listening experience. Coincidentally, mp3 files
: of all the tunes are downloadable for free at Mark 1's
: web site (mark-1.com). We hope you will become better
: acquainted with their music, this is one band that has
: no intention of disappointing you. Visit their web site
: for more info. www.mark-1.com

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